Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike was actually launched in 2013 as an upgrade of Schwinn 230. However, it’s still considered to be one of the best recumbent bikes for home use.

There are many advanced features in Schwinn 270 as compared to Schwinn 230 such as Bluetooth connectivity, 29 preset workouts, 25 resistance levels, telemetry-enabled heart rate monitor with DualTrack backlit LCD and compatibility with RideSocial “mixed reality” exercise videos, for some rise in the price.

Updated: May 30, 2020.

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Schwinn 270 Specifications and Features

- Dimensions when assembled: 64 x 27.7 x 50 inches (162 x 70 x 127 cm) (L x W x H)

- Weight when assembled: 86.6 lbs. (39.3 kg)

- Resistance: 25 levels

- Preset workout programs: 29

- Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs. (136 kg)

- Warranty: 10 years on frame, 2 years mechanical warranty, 1 year on electrical and 90 days on labor

Schwinn 270 Assembly

Assembly of the Schwinn 270 is quite simple. It comes partially assembled in the first place. The brake system and drive are attached to the frame and are encased. The rail system of the seat is also connected. Thus, users have to attach the handlebars, bases, seat frame and seat, console and bottle holder. Before adding the console, users also have to make sure if the console wires that pass through the front handlebar post are connected.

The user manual has all detailed instructions for the assembly and all tools needed for the task are included in the package. The assembly takes around 45 minutes.

Design and Stability

The design of the Schwinn 270 offers the bike excellent sturdiness and stability. Even heavy users can perform high-speed workouts on the bike without any vibration or wobbling. Although the maximum user weight capacity of the bike is 300 lbs. heavier users of up to 350 lbs. can use it although the seat and backrest being too small cannot offer optimum comfort to them. Also, bigger users may find the recumbent handlebars too close to the seat.


The main frame of the Schwinn 270 is one-piece and made of steel. It has two solid bases. The front base has transportation wheels for easy relocation of the bike. The rear base has adjustable levelers that offer maximum stability even though the flooring is uneven. The rear base also has a handle which users can hold to lift the bike while relocating it.

Schwinn 270 Console with DualTrack Technology

The console of the Schwinn 270 is the same as that on the Schwinn 170. But it’s basically an advanced console, with a lot of functions. There are two LCD blue-backlit displays, easily readable even in poor light conditions.

Thanks to the DualTrack technology, workout parameters are split into two columns – one in which results of the current exercise session are shown and the progress of the workout goal is shown in the other.

schwinn 270 console

The progress tracking display shows time, distance, RPM, calories burned, heart rate zone, pulse, resistance level, intensity meter, goal and percentage of goal completed, current user profile, and up to 13 feedbacks.

It has 29 workout programs that contain 12 profile programs, 9 heart rate programs (four beginner, five advanced), 4 custom programs, 2 fitness tests, 1 recovery test and 1 quick start (manual mode).

The console also features 4 different user profiles, allowing multiple health enthusiasts in a household to use the bike or allowing a user to choose different settings and alternate between workout programs.

There are also 4 keys on the console for gradual adjustment of the resistance levels and ten keys for quick resistance selection.

Help for Goal Setting and Long-term Goal Tracking

In 2017, Schwinn added Bluetooth to their Schwinn 270 bike for data logging. Thus, by connecting the bike with an Android or iOS mobile device, users can send their workout metrics automatically to the Schwinn Trainer App.

This is a free app and its main benefits include goal setting and long-term goal tracking. This app is also compatible with MyFitnessPal as well as Apple Health, making it easy for users to add their bike exercise data to a full fitness profile.

RideSocial Compatibility

The Schwinn 270 also offers an option to use RideSocial along with the 29 preset workouts. While the preset workouts, though they are quite diverse, don’t offer very interesting displays, the RideSocial workouts are visually attractive and offer real-time communication with other home bike users. It lets users virtually tour the world while riding.

It also lets users preview and pay (optional) to download “mixed reality” videos which are high-definition and can be played on mobile devices or home entertainment systems, and let users ride with enchanting HD views of streets such as in Tibet or along Venice Beach. Some routes have been shot with VR360 technology to allow users virtually “take a look around” while riding.

Seat and Backrest

One major upgrade the Schwinn 270 has over the Schwinn 230 is the seat. It’s well-cushioned, ergonomically designed and contoured, to eliminate the risk of pain in low back or bottom.

schwinn 270 seat

The seat has a horizontally adjustable aluminum rail system and can accommodate users in the range of heights from 4’6” (137 cm) to 6’4” (193 cm). Still, users of height 6’6″ (198 cm) can use this bike, but they won’t be able to fully stretch their legs.

However, the backrest is made of plastic, but it’s vented to prevent overheating and the resulting discomfort.


The handlebars of the Schwinn 270 have rubber foam padding for a great grip. However, they are non-adjustable. Out of these, the recumbent handlebars have extremely accurate heart rate sensors incorporated in them. This is very useful for those who need to or wish to remain within a specified limit of heart rate.

Schwinn 270 Drive System

The design of the Schwinn 270 features a pulley that is bigger than the standard size and may be mistaken for the flywheel. The fact is that, the flywheel is smaller than the pulley.

 schwinn 270 drive system

However, it’s significantly heavier i.e. more than 17 lbs. and is perimeter weighted too thus offering high inertia. It’s connected to the crank via a belt. Thus, since the Schwinn 270 is belt-driven, it’s very quiet and smooth. The crank has very solid arms made of steel featuring standard wide pedals. The pedals feature toe-straps to prevent slipping of feet.

Schwinn 270 Brake System

The brake system of the Schwinn 270 is electromagnetic (eddy current). Hence users have to connect the bike to a power source to operate the tension system. The bike can be operated without electricity, but in that case, users will get the lowest resistance level.

The brake pad doesn’t touch the flywheel and thus the possibility of wear and tear is eliminated.

Schwinn 270 Add-ons

The bike’s console integrates a sound system comprising of two speakers with MP3 input port due to which users can listen to their favorite music directly through the console, without having to use earphones. They can connect their MP3 player, phone or iPod to the console and listen to the music.

There is also a media tray in the upper part of the console wherein users can place their tablet and surf through the internet or watch their favorite online streams while exercising.

Another great add-on is a 3-speed fan. The console is also telemetry-enabled, which means a heart rate chest strap compatible with the console can be used to track heart rate and pulse. However the chest strap is not included in the package.

Last but not the least, there is a USB port that allows users to download their workout metrics and progress and upload it to MyFitnessPal (an app where data from various sources is integrated to generate a complete picture of the exercise) or Schwinn Connect.

These sites offer a better analysis of users’ progress and also provide a lot of information about how to modify the training for faster progress and excellent results.

Electrical Requirements

The bike can be plugged into any standard American electrical wall outlet as it comes with a 120V 60Hz AC input, 1.5A, output AC power adapter. The power cord is 6-foot long and its connector is located above the front base.

Schwinn 270 Maintenance

Since the Schwinn 270 is belt-drive, there is no need of a lot of maintenance. The transmission belt has been made to last for a very long time. All the parts are pre-lubricated, so, they don’t need any further lubrication.

Also, because the brake pad comprises of magnets and doesn’t touch the flywheel, it doesn’t need replacement. Thus, users just have to keep the unit clean of dust, debris and sweat, and the console free from any moisture and spills.

Pros of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

- Strong, durable construction

- Great stability

- Easy entry and exit due to no bar and low seating

- 25 levels of resistance

- Maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs.

- 4 user profiles

- 29 workout programs

- Compatibility with RideSocial

- Efficient tracking of workout metrics and progress

- Ability to upload the workout data to various sites that can better analyze the data

- Integrated sound system with speakers, tablet tray and 3-speed fan

- Handlebars with heart rate sensors

- Telemetry-enabled console that works with a chest strap

- Padded, contoured and ergonomic seat

- Firm vented backrest

- Offers higher intensity workout along with light exercising and physical therapy

- Smooth and quiet operation

- Low maintenance

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Cons of Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

- Not a compact unit -  maybe a problem for those without much free space

- Chest strap not included; however, with a small investment in a chest strap, users may find this bike excellent

- Short labor warranty

Bottom Line

The Schwinn 270 is an excellent recumbent bike for home use with a lot of features including an extremely solid and stable construction made to last, 25 levels of resistance, 29 workout programs, ability to upload the workout data to various sites to get its better analysis, big backlit DualTrack LCD displays, smooth and quiet operation and virtually no maintenance.

Comparing to its pluses, minuses are almost non-existent and can be easily overcome. With its top levels of resistance, it can even offer some high-intensity cardio workout. Thus it’s extremely useful for those who want to exercise at home to reduce weight, get cardio training, tone muscles and build stamina, along with recovery training and physiotherapy.

Thus users investing in the Schwinn 270 can rest assured that they’ll get the best returns on their every penny.

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