Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint

Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint is a joint supplement in the powdered form. As such, Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint is cheaper per gram when compared with joint supplements in the tablet or pill form.

Like all similar supplements, Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint is not a painkiller or anything similar. Also, it takes time for joint supplements to start to 'work' - however, in the long run, they can help strengthen and rebuild joints, tendons, even hair, nails, and similar tissue.

Published: December 9, 2020. labrada elastijoint 1

One of the reasons why recumbent bikes are so popular is the fact that they allow people with joint issues to stay physically active with the minimum additional stress on the joints.

Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint is one of the most potent joint supplements - it comes in powdered form and the amount of active ingredients per single dose is one of the largest in its class.

Supplement comes in the form of flavored powder, including Fruit Punch flavor, Orange flavor, and Grape flavor, in the ~13.5 oz (384g) packages.

One serving size is one scoop, which is approximately 12.8g of powder - each package contains 30 servings.

One serving contains 4.5g of protein, 2g of carbs, and 105mg of sodium. Also, it contains:

- 990 mg of vitamin C,
- 5000 mg of Hydrolyzed Gelatin (from collagen),
- 2000 mg of MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane),
- 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate (from shellfish),
- 1200 mg of Chondroitin Sulfate.

Note: If You are allergic to nuts, shellfish, wheat, eggs, peanuts, don't consume this product. Also, before consuming ANY supplement, check allergy warnings, and consult your doctor.

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It is recommended to consume one scoop of Labrada Elastijoint per day, by mixing it with plain water in the shaker bottle.

Note: Do not exceed 2 scoops per day.

Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint tastes refreshing, regardless of the flavor, but it doesn't dissolve very well - after drinking the Elastijoint, add water in the shaker bottle at least once again and drink the rest of the powder that didn't dissolve the first time.

Taste? Well, I hade the misfortune to end up with my face in the beach sand - Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint tastes better, somewhat better :)

Seriously, taste is OK, but nothing to die for - just put the scoop of powder in the shaker bottle, add plain water, mix it, drink it. Add water once again, mix it, drink it and You are good to go ...

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The author of this article is a 40+ (closer to 50 than to 40) year old athlete, weighing 100+ kg - I consume several packages of Labrada Elastijoint per year, and I keep my healthy fats intake high (fatty fish, organic eggs, nuts, olive oil, and similar fat sources). I do have certain issues with my joints (after decades of practicing sports, who doesn't?), but nothing compared to some of my peers who haven't seen gym in ages :)

Because of its content and price, Labrada Nutrition Elastijoint is one of the best joint supplements on the market and highly recommended.

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